How to access “ModuleControllerAttribute” from .NET

I asked a question 10 years ago

… and have been accessing the module controller meta data in Delphi ever since.

How do I do the same from .NET ?

Specifically, if I have the ModuleControllerAttribute data in a .NET plugin :-

Under debug in VS I see :-

In Delphi I would do this :-


What am I missing in .NET to be able to get access to the Description and UserData attributes ?


In Delphi you have object (THYVCLModuleController), in .NET you have interface (IHYCrossPlatformModuleController).

You can’t get attributes from this interface…
ofc, you can implement own interface that will return such info…

I can suggest to put such info into Plugin attributes like

 [Plugin, VisualPlugin(Description = 'my description', UserData := '1.1.1')]
 MyOxygeneManagedPlugin = public class(RemObjects.Hydra.VisualPlugin)

this info can be easily received like

Thanks Evgeny,

I just wanted to keep the .NET shell / plugin loader similar to the Delphi one and was looking to make use of the same meta data.

The Plugins attributes we already use, but each DLL has multiple plugins in it whereas the module controller meta data is singular i.e. a description and version info for all plugins in the DLL.

It’s not a big issue as we can go via GetAssembly and get the same information as we put it in there also.

Thanks again for confirming.