How to add HttpApi support to server

We have a RemObjects SDK server running under ASP.Net/IIS. We use a ashx handler to access the RO services (see attachment). How can we add HttpApi support to this server.

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KeesHandler.txt (90 Bytes)


Unfortunately the HTTP API dispatcher was not designed to work via ashx handler.
It might work however its functionality will be limited (no proper response codes or conent type headers will be provided).

The code below shows how HttpApiDispatcher might be added:

public class HandlerFactory : RemObjects.SDK.Server.Web.WebProcessor
    private HandlerFactory()
        // Entry assembly is set to the assembly containing the RODL resource.
        this.EntryAssembly = typeof(ClassLibrary.SampleService).Assembly;

        // This security feature defines if the RODL is publicly visible or not.
        this.ServeRodl = true;

        // Add the BinMessage message type to this channel. This will be accessible via http://path/to/Handler.ahsx/bin
        this.Dispatchers.Add("bin", new RemObjects.SDK.BinMessage());
        // Add HTTP API dispatcher    
        var dispatcher = new HttpApiDispatcher();
        dispatcher.Server = this;

    public static HandlerFactory Instance
            return fInstance;
    private static HandlerFactory fInstance = new HandlerFactory();

Thanks a lot, I will give a go…