How to avoid "" delimiters in postgres autogenerated sql for Postgres?

Theres any way to avoid dataabstract adding that delimiters to autogenerated sql sentence?

Or any way to replace or define as spaces?

Is the lonely thing I have making change dataabstract libraries to my own libraries.

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you can review this method:

function Postgres_IdentifierNeedsQuoting(const iIdentifier: string): boolean;

quote char can be changed in

function Postgres_GetQuoteChars: TDAQuoteCharArray;

Thanks Evgeny, that’s the function I change in my code. Any idea how to overwrite this behavior without changing DA library source code?

what driver exactly you are using?


you can create own driver based on unidac and register it under different name like myunidac.
in this descendant you can override TDAEUniDACConnection.IdentifierNeedsQuoting and/or TDAEUniDACConnection.GetQuoteChars and perform special processing for dauPostgreSQL


Excellent! Will try. Thanks!