How to best handle timeouts with a Data Abstract client library?

(Alan Olson) #1

I’m starting to write more and more applications for .NET/WPF using a DataAbstract client lib. With more and more users, I am obviously running into more and more unanticipated issues, as usual.

One that comes up a lot is how to properly handle a timeout with my DA client lib. If a user starts up an app that uses this, and then inadvertently lets that app sit and idle for a couple hours (or overnight) eventually you are going to run into a timeout issue where the client datamodule is no longer connected to the server.

What is the suggested way to handle this the cleanest?

(marc hoffman) #2

Hmm, Remoting SDK should really handle this transparently, as long as you’re not relying on Superchannel’s active event callbacks. After after the actual physical connection goes down, anew RO request should just create a new connection under the hood as needed.

What are the exact symptoms you are seeing?

(antonk) #3


Could you specify exact channel types used on server and client side and if possible the exact exception message?

Thanks in advance

(Alan Olson) #4

I’m using an IpHttpClientChannel in my .NET DA client lib. I’ll get back to you with the exact exception I’ve seen. If marc is right…perhaps i’m running into another issue?

(antonk) #5

Most probably yes. The IpHttp client channel by itself doesn’t maintain permanent connection to the server.
So the issue you actually run into is something different. That’s why we need exact exception message/stacktrace/type/any possible info about this exception.