How to call Win32API?


(takepoi) #1

I wrote the code just like .NET, but I get a build error.
Implementing the Beep method will not result in an error, but Win32 API will not be called.

(takepoi) #2

I understood that Win32 API is likely to be solved by using rtl.fx.
However, I will continue to wait for a reply to use a third party dll.

(marc hoffman) #3

don’t import it. just call it.

(marc hoffman) #4

that said, when you do use DllImport, you need to mark mentions with ‘external’.

(takepoi) #5

Oops! I’m sorry, I forgot ‘external’.
I will try it in a few hours …

(takepoi) #6

Building after adding ‘external’ to class method, internal error occurred…

(Carlo Kok) #7

Can you give us the code that triggers it? I’ll try to fix it monday

(takepoi) #8

This project. (7.4 KB)


(RemObjects) #9

Thanks, logged as bugs://76927

(RemObjects) #10

bugs://76927 got closed with status fixed.