How To Capture DASql Statement on Server


Working on my Sybase ASA driver for DataAbstract. Connecting successfully to our new and old Sybase ASA 7 and 17 databases with the Liodden NativeDb Sybase ASA components. Very nice.

And this runs on our Mac Mini M1 with Windows ARM under Parallels. The AnyDac and the Devart Odbc connections did not work. Using the TCPIP works where the Odbc drivers do not work on the M1 for Windows.

DaSql select statements working well but when we try to create any Update statements, we are getting weird associations with datatypes for the fields. Using DataAbstract 10 with Delphi Alexandria 11.2.

How do we see or log the sql statements being generated on the server side. I would like to see the original statement and then also the final sql statement with the parameters in place as data.

How would I accomplish seeing that?

Bill Brittain
Is2 Software

What server code is called in the DA Server code when an insert or update is made to the server?

I am trying to debug the insert and update statements which are giving errors from incorrectly determining a string field to be numeric. The schema is setup correctly. So it must be something I am not settting correctly in our Sybase ASA driver code.

Have found by researching the GenerateSql function in the uDABusiness Processor code that the update sql statement is correct.

After the sql is generated, the error occurs.


So now, I am trying to determine which function could be raising the exception.


according to error, this error (ENativeDatasetError) is raised by native DAC.
in your case, it is the Liodden NativeDb Sybase ASA components.

I can suggest to set breakpoint here

function TDAEBaseDataset.Execute: integer;
    result := DoExecute;  //<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< here

and check parameters.