How to choose name of remoterodl interface file

I have a codefirst RO .NET server and client.
The interface is still changing a lot and I do a lot of ‘update interface files’
This action however always creates RemoteServer_Intf.cs.
I would like to specify the filename myself.
I tried by naming the .remoterodl file but the generated code does not follow this filename.
Is there a way to achieve this? I plan to use many different services in the same client.

I don’t believe this is an option in Visual Studio right now, but I’ll log a feature request. IO can see this is a good idea. FWIW, if you use Elements/RemObjects C# in Water, it does allow for this.

Logged as bugs://D19096.


RemoteServer is the namespace used by your remote server. That’s why it is used as the name of the interface file (RemoteServer_Intf.cs)

It should be possible to add a parameter to the .remoteRODL file to override name of the generated _Intf file

Can you explain me how?
I looked at the XML content but did not see how this could be done

Server namespace is a server application property. We will extend the .remoteRODL to support overriding the generated file name, however there is no support for this feature at the time in Visual Studio integration

bugs://D19096 was closed as fixed.

VS IDE integration has been updated. Starting next release it will be possible to rename the .remoteRODL file and all subsequent interface updates will reuse the name of that .remoteRODL file as a name of the generated code file.

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OK, thanks. An additional question. Can the namespace of the remoteserver_intf.pas classes be customized too? Is there documentation for the .remoterodl file?

No, import namespace cannot be customized via .remoteRODL file.

It is possible to customize namespace of the RODL server exposes instead.

.remoteRODL is a very simple file, literally nothing more than a link to the server application: .remoteRODL Files