How to Create .Net Standard Project

(peterv) #1

I have an assembly that our web guys want to use. But because the Website is using .Net Standard I need to create a new project for them (And will include all the existing source files).

But I notice that I can only create .Net Standard projects from the MS languages, Is this a Microsoft restriction or do I just create an MS c# project and then bastdardise it to become an Elements (Or Oxygene) project file and us that as a future template? The last thing I want to do is to have to translate all the pascal code to c#.

(marc hoffman) #2

you’ll need to use the oxygene beta and ebuiid. there’s a couple of threads on using this in the beta forum, or i can give you more pointers there when i’m back at the computer next week — unfortunately i’m traveling right now and w/o computer until saturday, myself.

(peterv) #3

Hi Marc

How do I get onto the beta forum.



(marc hoffman) #4, requires an active subscription.

(peterv) #5

Hi Marc

I found the Beta forums, however I don’t seem to be able to find any posts regarding it. The closest thread I seem to find is
the opposite of what I want “EBuild: Referencing .net standard by mistake

Also , Is there anyway to install the Beta EBuild without the Beta compiler