How to do a NET dll to be called from Delphi?

(DonaldShimoda) #1

I need to consume two procedures coded in csharp. Want to put in a dll and be consumed for a Delphi app. is possible with Elements/Fire?

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(Carlo Kok) #2

Depends on the platform, you mention Fire, does that mean it’s Delphi for Mac or Windows?

If it’s Windows it’s easy can help. Or COM Objects.

On the Mac it’s a little trickier, we use (free/open source) but that’s written in Elements for Mac.

(marc hoffman) #3

And there’s also Hydra of course.

(DonaldShimoda) #4

Thanks Carlo,
Im trying with Water. Delphi complains at start the consumer app with error and cannot start.

Delphi app is i386 and I can’t find 386 options as target on Water, maybe that is the problem? I set x86 but im not sure if refer to 64 ir 32 bits.

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(DonaldShimoda) #5

Hi Marc,
For using two simple functions, as I never use hydra, I don’t sure about the complexity level to get it working. I try first what I know, I think im close to get it working.
The other reason is can’t use Hydra on Linux and maybe need to consume that dll in linux in a near future. I don’t know either if will be possible to use that dll, and dont do the research right now because the hurry, but for sure I know will not be possible with Hydra, Dll with some mono black magic, maybe.

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(marc hoffman) #6

Hell, Hydra is all about taking away the complexity of this :wink:

x86 is 32-bit. x64 is 64-bit.

(DonaldShimoda) #7

You are right, after a few hours It take that working. Thanks for the support!