How to execute a process and not wait for it?

In one Train build script I want to build some installers and then synchronize them with Dropbox. So I copy the files to a specified folder and need to run the Dropbox executable. I just want to run it and forget it and not wait for the sync to finish.

So how can I execute it without waiting and without causing errors and warning in the script?
shell.exec(DropBoxBinary, '', {timeout:0}) produces a timeout error. Without the timeout parameter it waits forever… (till Dropbox is closed manually)
The shell.execAsync doesn’t wait immediately, but tries to wait at the end of the script.

So is there a way to do it, or should I just ignore the errors?


Should be fixed now. Pass a negative timeout to the shell.exec function with the latest source and it will not wait all.

Thanks. That solved it.