How to force the businessrule.calcfields

is there a way to have the
TDADataTableRules.OnCalcFields(Sender: TDADataTable)
invoked even when there are no calculated fields defined in the DaSchema?

i tried to set the field for which i want to alter the value to calculated but that does not seem to work

Self.FindField(fld_MyField).Calculated := True;

what are the conditions for which the TDADataTableRules.OnCalcFields is called?


You can have calculated fields in table on client-side and don’t have them in schema on server-side.

we call TDADataTableRules.OnCalcFields when standard TDataset.OnCalcField is fired.

You can look at Data.DB.pas sources for more details

so how?
since i only have the fields after opening the Tdamemdataset (created at runtime)
setting the field.calculated does not do the trick…


try to declare fields before opening dataset like


with table.Fields.Add do ...
with table.Fields.Add do ...
with table.Fields.Add do ...


well i was looking for a way to get an oncalc event fired for a DaSchema table field…
so a sql existing one which i could change based on the oncalc event and based on other fields of that record…
i guess that is not possible…(without defining a dummy column for it and duplicating data)
since this is a boolean field regular grid ongettext events do not work either…

solved in sql

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