How to get server log in client


(Marcos Cunha Lima) #1


I have a server that have some logs that would be interesting for some users to watch (in a client).
Is there any directions of how to get it from server to client ? For instance, this log is a stream (or a stringlist) at server that gets updated frequently and I need to connect a client to listen to those changes and get the new lines as they are coming.

Could you give me some directions? Our servers are all stateless so no logins from client here.

(EvgenyK) #2


You can do it via custom server method and receive whole log file/stream or some part of it from specific position.

also is possible to receive new entries via events.

(Marcos Cunha Lima) #3


Is there any examples regarding events? I think my problem could be solved with them as a log event could trigger an action at client to read it.

(EvgenyK) #4

you can review any chat sample:

  • HTTP Chat
  • SuperHTTP Chat
  • SuperTCP Channel Chat