How to handle the movie?

I have some training movies. Can DA handle this? Is it possible as same as YouTube that need not to download all video when playback the movies?


RO/DA isn’t designed for playing video files, however you can download a big file with small chunks.

check examples at

Note: you may need to have special player that can play such partial files

Noted with thanks.

Binary Streaming is a totally different use case.

Use something like Ffmeg to convert your video to HLS like format to have micro segment of 10 seconds.

broadcast it through the lowest heavy protocol, ideally golang is a good language and have libraries to deal with that.

Use a HLS Player in front so that you do not have to deal with in memory merging by yourself.

Depending on the scenario, you can use NodeJs proxy and orchestrator if horizontal scaling and High I/O is anticipated, such as for many growing users.

If Computation power or efficiency is desired follow the requests to the node to a .Net Server Backend written in Elements.

I have had quite the same scenario back in the past to implement PESIT protocol for MFT purposes and I found that RO with golang was the best for that.

I you are comfortable with low level network TCP implement your own protocol to have control over the packet transfer.

Ideally implement your own parity file strategy to recover on the client side missing segment instead of reloading full 10 sec video part from the server on fail or packet lost.

There should also be some open source working platform on that use case so depending on your level in Software Architecture and engineering, you should consider using existing solutions.

Simply hosting the video via HTTP is also a good option; this is what we do with our videos on RemObjects TV for example (in this case, on S3 via CloudFront). HTTP(s) has all the necessary capabilities for seeking and incremental playback, as you can see when you watch them in the browser —on our website which uses a plain HTML5 <video> tag.

An embedded web view in the app might a good option, of you don’t want to implement your own client-side player logic; there might also one third party components available to handle playing a H.264 or similar format video via HTTP.

Implementing your own streaming server is probably overkill, unless you’re expecting a lot of traffic and/or need to handle more complex scenarios.

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Yes. I’m consider to use web view solution that should be better. I only setup a media file server and play back by http.

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As per my knowledge, DA can handle training movies. Similar to YouTube, it allows you to stream videos without downloading the entire file first. This ensures smooth playback and efficient use of bandwidth.

I hope this will help you.

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