How to precompile library for a target plataform?

The app is called to sign an xml from comand line, for a delphi app. It end and finish in one second when server boot, but takes 30 seconds after a few days running. It only happens on Windows. Never happens in linux.

I want try to compile and find this way

'You can still precompile your app for a specific OS and architecture. It’s now called ReadyToRun (or R2R for short, or crossgen after the tool that does it). Just add the following to your project file:


and dotnet publish will do a native compile step.’

How to use this parameters in Fire? Is possible?

This seems odd, and probably unrelated to the rest of your request, TBH.

Setting Publish to true and seeing one or more RuntimeIdentifiers should do the same for Elements — but this wont affect execution speed of the app. All this does is copy all the required runtime dlls along the binary, and create stub executables for each platform…

Thanks for your response. I suppose maybe net precompiler becomes slow on time if called many times. Will try precompile and tell if find any progress.

Best regards.

Where to setup this

It shoudln’t, certainly not to that extreme a degree, and I’ve never seen anything like that. But I do agree it’s very odd. I’d suggest to a also try if you can narrow down where the 30s get lost — e.g. add a writeln() to Main() to see if it’s before the first line of your code runs, or not?

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