How to remove a RO SDK Server documentation?

(wuping) #1

If I have a server at localhost:8099, then localhost:8099/doc will show up the documentation.

  1. How can I hide that documentation completely?
  2. How can I remove the footnote line "RemObjects Software, LLC. ", and change to a customized footnote?

Thank you.

(antonk) #2


What is your server app platform (ie is it .NET or Delphi)?

(wuping) #3

It is Delphi

Thank you

(DonaldShimoda) #4

Disable ServerRODL server component property.


(wuping) #5

It works. Thank you for your help.


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(wuping) #6

I found the solution - the footer is inside uROHtmlServerInfo.res - to change the footer message to something different, just edit the resource file and recompile.

(Jens) #7

Do you have any suggestions to customize or hide the footnote in C#, without changing the ROSDK source files?

(antonk) #8

It is not customizable, Iā€™m afraid.

The only solution is to intercept the requests to the ā€œ/ā€ path and to serve your own response (f.e. this approach is used by Relativity Server)