How to specify a .fx reference based on configuration?

I have a .fx with two builds, debug and release

Then, for another project that depends on this .fx, how can I set the project’s reference to either include debug .fx or release .fx, depending on the project’s active configuration (release or debug)? I am using Visual Studio 2017

Thank you

Right now, you can’t, unless you use a project reference to the original project that generates the .fx — then it all pick the matching configuration automatically, if available.

Oh this is good enough.

Sorry for my ignorance - where can I add project reference?

Visual Studio, not sure. Fire or Water: just drag the other project onto the References node.

Thank you for the heads up again. @mh

For Visual Studio, Project reference can be added by right click “references”, and “add reference”, then chose the “Projects” tab.

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