HTML parents & children & putting tabs on ‘em, oh my!

HTML/JS/CSS cause me more trouble than my wife.

I’m building a large browser based WASM ap. In development the required Index.html launches the application in Chrome & it works.

When moved to a server I rename the Index.html to MyAp.html which is launched by an Index.html = a Splash page which sets the size of the Application, myAp.html. It works user need not resize & looks good.

The user input in MyAp leads to a memory generated html Report Page & another html page with an iframe embedded existent PDF chosen by user input.

As I understand it, MyAp is a child of the web site’s Index.html & the 2 generated output pages are children of MyAp & grandchildren of Index.html. They are directly dependent so should be in 2 Tabs together.

When I the grandchildren to Tabs, the DAMN TABS on the Index page. If I close the Index page manually the Tabs are on MyAp Tabs which is OK, but I can’t auto-close Index.htm to force that behavior.

I can get the 1st output page to be a separate page & I can probably make the PDF page to be on a separate page also, but it would be a whole lot better for the PDF page to be a TAB on its sister page, but I can’t get that to work.

There are articles titled such things as “Open your new pages in a TAB on any window you like” but nothing in such articles work in my case.

How can I force the output TABS to be either on MyAp.html page or 2 Tabs on a standalone Page?


Thanks for any help you might give & if your ideas don’t work, at least you’re in a big group of advisors I’ve received ideas from, maying saying “This works!” & ain’t so! Googling the problem.


Note: BTW I was able to put the auto-generated Report in one DIV & the PDF in a iframe on the same page which is also GOOD, BUT, when right clicking for menu & clicking “Save as” it goes into an infinite loop. When I select “Print” & choose PDF as the output printer, the saved Page.pdf is not usable, is screws up the PDF portion so its scroll bars & its download selections don’t work.