Hydra 6 plugins not loading in Rio

My Hydra non-visual plugins are not loading.

I am using Delphi Rio 10.3, Hydra, RemObjects and DataAbstract on Windows 10 1809.

My plugins are HY/RO/DA services. When I try to load the plugin with ModuleManager.LoadModule, the program stalls at uHYCLRHelpers.IsVCLCompatible on FreeLibrary(Handle) (line 181).

No error message, just hangs.


if you change call ModuleManager.LoadModule with ModuleManager.LoadVCLModule or with ModuleManager.LoadFireMonkeyModule, will it improve situation ?

Thank you, that works. However, I have an issue with unloading modules now. My non-visual plugins are not unloading, but my visual plugins are.

In uHYBaseModuleManager I call UnloadModules which calls UnloadModule(Index).

No error message, just hangs on line 345 UnloadModule(Modules[Index]);

Can you create a simple testcase that reproduces this issue, pls?
you can attach it here or drop directly to support@

I sent a small example to support@ ROExample.zip Thank you!

Thanks, logged as bugs://82015

open uDAConnectionManager.pas and replace FreeOrDisposeOf(fTimer); and FreeOrDisposeOfAndNil(fTimer); calls with fTimer.Free; fTimer := nil;

after this, you should rebuild at least DA_Server package

bugs://82015 got closed with status fixed.

Thank you!