Hydra and UWP Trials and In-App Purchases?


(Steve) #1

Before I jump into R&D for using Hydra with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) trials and in-app purchases, does anyone have experience integrating Delphi projects (XE3 for me) and the Windows.ApplicationModel.Store API? Is it possible to create a non-visual plugin that contains the logic for trials and purchases? Are there any show-stoppers?


So far, I have an app that works with Hydra 4 visual and non-visual plugins and converts with Microsoft’s Desktop App Converter. (It looks like I might need to update to Hydra 5). I’ll be doing my own further investigation, but was wondering if anyone else in the Hydra community has had success here.

(antonk) #2


It is possible to reference UWP stuff from .NET code (see https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2017/01/25/calling-windows-10-apis-desktop-application/#2YsPiyKwCirhk5BP.97 for details) and you already have package identifier (thanks to Desktop App Converter).
Still I think no one tried to use WinStore API’s for Trial and In-App purshases from Hydra plugins before


(Steve) #3

It’s been a while, but I can confirm that we have successfully used Hydra 5 with the Windows.Service.Store API for in-app purchases in a Desktop Bridge app that is live on the store. You cannot use Windows.ApplicationModel.Store, since it is not supported for Desktop Bridge apps.

(Apologies for responding under a different account name, but I am using this account going forward).