Hydra and UWP Trials and In-App Purchases?

Before I jump into R&D for using Hydra with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) trials and in-app purchases, does anyone have experience integrating Delphi projects (XE3 for me) and the Windows.ApplicationModel.Store API? Is it possible to create a non-visual plugin that contains the logic for trials and purchases? Are there any show-stoppers?


So far, I have an app that works with Hydra 4 visual and non-visual plugins and converts with Microsoft’s Desktop App Converter. (It looks like I might need to update to Hydra 5). I’ll be doing my own further investigation, but was wondering if anyone else in the Hydra community has had success here.


It is possible to reference UWP stuff from .NET code (see https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2017/01/25/calling-windows-10-apis-desktop-application/#2YsPiyKwCirhk5BP.97 for details) and you already have package identifier (thanks to Desktop App Converter).
Still I think no one tried to use WinStore API’s for Trial and In-App purshases from Hydra plugins before


It’s been a while, but I can confirm that we have successfully used Hydra 5 with the Windows.Service.Store API for in-app purchases in a Desktop Bridge app that is live on the store. You cannot use Windows.ApplicationModel.Store, since it is not supported for Desktop Bridge apps.

(Apologies for responding under a different account name, but I am using this account going forward).