Hydra FireMonkey Host and FireMonkey Plugins

I am trying to find my way through Hydra to manage an extensive security tools application where the various security add-ons are formed as plug-ins and loaded when the host application starts up (in a similar way that Photoshop loads the active plugins during start-up.) What I am trying to understand is the best way to manage the Host Menu/ToolBar/Actions to enabled the menu to be dynamically altered depending on the plug-ins loaded.

I can see that there are additional Hydra components in the VCL environment but as we need to create this application for Windows and Mac is there a general recommendation on the best way to achieve the dynamic menu/toolbar/button management in the FMX environment only or does the host really need to be VCL.

Are there any more complete examples that I can use as a guide on how to proceed. I am going to purchase the full Hydra Licence but would also like to know is the documentation available at the same release as the product. I ask this because the only docs I can find are around version 4.

Many Thanks for any ideas, suggestions or help that gets thrown this way.

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Host can be Delphi based (VCL or FMX) or .NET based.
Plugins can be Delphi based (VCL or FMX), .NET based, Island or Java based
See the FireMonkey sample (Delphi) or the Mixed Mode sample (.NET).

about your issue -

VCL based host & plugin will do some work for you. in case of cross-platformed case (VCL and FMX), you should perform this work manually.
see the Advanced Demo sample (Delphi)

it’s almost the same.