Hydra Missing from Visual Studio 2017 Toolbox?


(Steve) #1

I don’t see Hydra tools (e.g., a host panel) in the Visual Studio 2017 toolbox after installing Hydra Should I expect Hydra tools to be there? If not, how can I add a host panel to a WPF .NET UI, for example?

I ran the C# MixedMode sample app after adding a Delphi plugin I created, and it works fine. There is a pre-populated RemObjects.Hydra.HostPanel panel. However, I’d like to be able to add my own panels to the Windows Classic Desktop -> WPF App (.NET Framework) project I’m building from scratch.

(Steve) #2

I found a way to add it manually (I’m not that familiar with Visual Studio):

  1. Tools -> Choose Toolbox Items…
  2. Browse…
  3. Select RemObjects.Hydra.WPF.dll

After this, VisualPlugin (from RemObjecs.Hydra.WPF) is added to the toolbox.

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://79361

(antonk) #4


Seems VS 2017 for ome reason ignored instructiobs to install components to the toolbox. We’ll investigate and fix this issue.

Thanks for the report

(RemObjects) #5

bugs://79361 got closed with status fixed.