Hydra plugin problem


I just installed last version of Hydra ( and I haved create a sample module with a visual plugin.

I used HYModuleExplorer to test my plugin and I noticed the following problem.

I load the module the first time and everything works. If I unload the module and reload it, the visual plugin is no longer recognized and therefore it is no longer possible to recall it.

I attach a sample and small video

One note: if I compile a standard sample with the same version of Hydra all work fine. The problem occur only when I create a new plugin.

From what I’ve seen there are different management logics for plugin management in the initialization section.

The new plugin


RegisterPlugin('NewVCLVisualPlugin', Create_NewVCLVisualPlugin, TNewVCLVisualPlugin, 1, 0, sRequiredPrivilege, sDescription, sUserData);

The “old” sample:


THYPluginFactory.Create(HInstance, 'MyFirstVisualPlugin', Create_VisualPlugin, TVisualPlugin);

NewPluginLibrary.zip (8.0 KB)


Thank you very much

Logged as bugs://H1031.


pls update Hydra.Core.BaseModuleManager.pas as

constructor THYBaseModule.Create(aModuleManager: THYBaseModuleManager; aFileName: string);
//  fHandle := 0;  //<<< comment/delete this line

after this launch C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Build\install_HY.cmd with admin rights for recompiling hydra packages

bugs://H1031 was closed as fixed.


Can you rebuild the Module Explorer sample also? that changes was related to host side and no plugin one

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Sorry EvgenyK you are right!

I recompiled the Module Explorer and now work fine!


Thank you very much!

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