Hydra RO Service Plugin and Code-first


I am starting with a new (big) project in Delphi 10.4 and I would like to start developing with Code-first. On large projects I make extensive use of plugins both server and client side. The question is: does Hydra (I use the latest version) support the development of RO Service Plugin in Code-First mode?

I tried with a small project that has RO Service plugins with RODL and I converted them to Code-First. If I try to load the plugin into HYModuleExplorer it doesn’t see that it is a RO Service plugin. This is because HYModuleExplorer only sees services with RODL?

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Could you please provide your sample project so we can investigate it locally?

Also please note that due to vacations Delphi support during this week might be a bit slow

Sorry for the inconvenience

I try to create a sample and send to you for test

Thank you