Hydra - updating - what DLL's to distribute

We are updating from to

Our .Net libraries utilizing Hydra currently are on .Net 4.5.2 but we are considering stepping up to 4.7.2. In the Bin directory for Hydra for .Net is one set of DLL’s, in a sub-folder .Net45 is another set.

Which set do we distribute for which build?



There is not much difference between these assemblies. Both sets share the same codebase and will work on .NET 4.7.2

The only difference between them is how the GAC management utility handles these assemblies. The assemblies from the .NET45 subfolder always land in .NET 4+ GAC, while the other set might land might be put into the .NET 2.0 GAC as well, depending on the GAC utility settings.
However please note that usually there is no need to put Hydra assemblies into GAC at all.