I can't type in any Chinese in Fire code editor


In China, we use the “shift” key on keyboard to switch Chinese/English typing mode.

The following two figures show the correct behavious:

// As shown in the status bar, “中” means in Chinese typing mode, “英” means in English typing mode.

However, in Fire code editor, when I switch to Chinese typing mode, it still only accept English, just like I am using English typing mode.

No matter I am using the Apple Chinese inputting method provided in MacOS, or use any 3rd Chinese inputting method, the issue always there.

As on Mac, Elements does not support VS 2022 mac at the moment, and I can only use Fire, this is a big issue for me.

Could you fix it? Thanks.


This is a bit of a known issue, yes, as we handle keyboard input ourselves on a very low level. How would I best proceed to test/reproduce this without having a Chinese keyboard or any knowledge of Chinese language and typing in chinese/?

Good question.

I switch the MacOS language to English, and found that you can reproduce like this:

  1. Download the chinese typing method from 搜狗输入法 for Mac - 支持全拼、双拼、模糊输入、苹果输入、云输入 by clicking the button in orange color.

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 05.58.04

The sogou input method is most widely used in China, and this is its official website. The Mac version supports both M1 and X86 chips.

  1. Install the typing method and allow it to add a 3rd-party typing method. Then it should show in this list, which is the second one.

  1. Switch to the sogou input method, and click on the first icon to switch the English/Chinese typing mode to Chinese.
    Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 06.04.28

“中” means in Chinese typing mode, “英” means in English typing mode.

  1. In “中” Chinese typing mode, open Fire code editor, and type in “nihao” to reproduce the problem.
    If you typein the same “nihao” in other place, it should show the candidate chinese words list, which is normal. However, it fire, it will not show, just like I am in English typing mode althougt I am using Chinese typing mode.
    Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 06.10.10
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Actually in Chinese typing mode, you can type in any character to reproduce the issue.

“nihao” is just the pinyin for the “你好” (which means hello) pronounication. In Chinese, some words may have the same pronounication, so we type in the pinyin, and then select the right word we want.