I need to communicate with a service that has API made with Swagger


I have legacy software written with Delphi 7.x and Remoting SDK 6.0.61.x. There is a sudden need to communicate with another service that has an API made with Swagger.

I read a blogpost that Remoting SDK 9.3 has a HttpApi that can create Swagger kind of API, but I didn’t find any information on how to create a client that connects into Swagger API?

CONNECT TO SERVICE that has an API made with Swagger
Is it possible to import swagger definition and create a Delphi 7.x client with newer Remoting SDK version? Is it only possible with newer Delphi and Remoting SDK?

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RO code doesn’t contain any possibility to create a swagger client for existing swagger server.

We have added server-based part that can produce swagger compatible output only.
it was needed for communication with non-RO swagger clients.

Thank you EvgenyK.

I start following the newer Delphi path. I found some links for OpenAPI-Delphi implementations.