I want to read the contents of zip in native development

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I am currently developing libraries for Windows, OSX, Linux… (.dll, .dylib, .so)
I need to read the contents of the zip file, is it not supported by the Elements RTL or Island RTL?


(marc hoffman) #2

We don’t currently have a cross-platform zip abstraction in RTL2, no. That said, Go base library should have zip support that you can use from your Island projected. Check out eg, https://golangcode.com/unzip-files-in-go/

if you reference Go.fx in your project (even if it’s not using the Go language), you should be able to add “go.archive.zip” to your uses/impory clause and use the Unzip struct as shown there.

Last Friday’s build has started shipping the Go base library for Island/Windows, Linux and Darwin; The .NET version has been shipping a few weeks longer.


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(takepoi) #3

It was just the right time!
I can not try right away, but I will try it this weekend.

By the way, do I need to distribute other libraries in order to make the library I built using Go.fx work?


(Carlo Kok) #4

no; there’s no external dependencies, but note that Go is not a released feature yet. It might have some rough edges and/or bugs.


(marc hoffman) #5

The relevant parts of Go.lib will be linked directly into your executable, if you are shipping an .exe.

(if you are shipping a static library yourself, consumes of that library will need to link both your library and the matching Go.lib/Go.a


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Thank you.
I will create a cross platform dynamic library. (.dll, .dylib, .so)

If so, Go lib will be statically linked, right?

I am looking forward to the release. :smiley:

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(marc hoffman) #7

for a dynamic library, it would be, yes.

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Thank you.

There is no API too for regular expressions now, so I will use go.regexp.

I really look forward to the release! :smiley:

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