IDE related - Issues

(SH) #1

Hi there,

I will start this thread for IDE-related-Issues from now on:

  1. IDE doesnt color static-classes

  2. Closed Parenthesis “(())” doesnt show which open-parenthesis belongs to the closed-parenthesis, i.e:
    "((10 > 20) or (20 > (10 mod 2)));" no paranthesis gets colored, so I cant see, which expression is in parenthesis

  3. Compilation + Debugging now takes up to 20 Seconds to start, each time! (This I put here, because it doesnt affect the language, but just the initialization of the compiler and debugger, so I decided to put it here)

(marc hoffman) #2

What IDE?

(SH) #3

OOps, yeah, Visualstudio 2015

(SH) #4

The next thing is:

When I get a runtime error and I close the console, the former win32-window is still shown but cannot be accssed, it just stays around, and when I do this a lot of times, for each time I get multiple win32-windows open and stayin around for nothing, have a look: