IDE Water reformating the whole code, not only the snippet changed


We want to know if is possible disable auto save and reformat features.

Every time we add some new lines to the class, the IDE changes other blocks unduly.

Follow an example.

Note: This project was originally developed in Visual Studio 2015 around 2016

Water will not reformat your code unless you ask it to.

What it will do though, and I think that’s what’s happening here, is consistently use either tabs or spaces (the default is spaces, for Oxygene), so if you have a mixed file (some lines with tabs, some with spaces, it will be saved with all tabs.

You can right-click the file in the Solution tree and choose “Convert to Spaces” to fix the file.

Understood. And how i can choose if the IDE will convert All the text to Spaces or Tabs?

You can’t choose, exactly. If it finds a single tab in the file, it will assume you want tabs, and save with tabs. You can “fix” that to get back to spaces-only with the aforementioned context menu.

If you actually want it mixed (why oh why?) then that is currently not supported (and won’t be. The editor does not have the infrastructure to persist this on a line-by-line basis. But this is not really something anyone should want, anyways…