`#if` block around case does not parse

IDE: Visual Studio X/Fire
Version: Elements Version
Target (If relevant): Android/Java/iOS/OSX/Island(Platform)/Net/Net Core
The Silver parser does not like an #if block around an individual (or set of) cases in a switch statement.

Expected Behavior:
if FOO the switch matches case z in it’s own case,
otherwise it matches in the case _.
Either way it compiles.

Also: I would expect the “$IFDEF” etc. strings in the error to be localized to the emitting language, e.g. in silver it would be changed to “#if” etc.
Edit: And EOF does not get represented well in “* expected, got *” errors
Actual Behavior:
(A) “E: #endif expected, got case [<file> (<line>)]”
(B) “E: No matching $IFDEF for $ENDIF [<file> (<line>)]”
© “E: closing bracket expected, got [<file> (<line>)]”

enum F {
    case a
    case z

let f = F.z

switch f {
    #if FOO
    case .z: // Error A
    #endif // Error B
    case _:
} // Error C

Thanks, logged as bugs://82635