Ignore Java exceptions in VS2019


I have a Java project running under the debugger and even if I uncheck “Break when this exception type is thrown”, the debugger still stops the execution of the app.

In some cases, I must click a lot of Continue (really!) to push the app running (GUI). This seems to be broken since few stable releases (I’m using The same project under Water works (run, debug) fine (ignoring exceptions works) so it must be VS issue only.

Please verify this issue for VS2019 and fix.


Thanks, logged as bugs://84592

If you remove the search filter, does the entire Java subtree show unchecked?

No, other exceptions are checked :

Interesting - java.lang.Exception is also under Cocoa Exceptions node.
Even if I uncheck all exceptions, the problem remains :

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bugs://84592 got closed with status fixed.