“Import Interfaces from .NET Assembly" doesn't recognize structs and enums in custom interfaces


I’ve got a question regarding data marshaling between Delphi and .NET using Hydra.

I’d like to use both records (Delphi)/structs (C#) and enums in my interfaces, but the Delphi IDE “Hydra | Import Interfaces from .NET Assemblies” does not seem to recognize these constructs. The structs and enums are simply ignored. I’m testing with the “Records” example shown in http://wiki.remobjects.com/wiki/Passing_interfaces_between_Host_and_Plugins.

Do I have to write this code manually or are there any Hydra attributes I can use to decorate my .NET types in order to make the wizard recognize them? Ideally I would like to code in C# and generate the necessary Delphi code – not having to tweak the Delphi code after each time the code is generated. Are there any plans to improve on this behavior?


Hi, currently you need to write this code manually but we have this feature logged for feature.

Hi, I just installed Hydra 6.2 hoping that this issue was taken care of.
Are there any News concerning this “Feature loged for Feature”? :slight_smile:

At the Moment the Problem is, that in my .net-Module the used Code is 3rd-party, and each time a new Version is delivered, the enums might have changed (they actually do), which requires manual checking - VERY error prone!

Thanks for updating me, cheers Markus