Import SDK from xcode

Would it be possible to indicate progress in the activity window ? Also could we have some kind of indication that its finished ?

It seems to sit there working for what seems like forever.


Progress, not easily, as I basically just shell out to HeaderImporter.exe as a separate process, and that has no indication of “how much” is done. I could probably hook something up to notify when it’s done.

TBH, no-one (except you, apparently ;)) really does these imports themselves, especially now that we usually post the betas within a day or so of Xcode’s release and EBuild downloads them automatically; that’s why I haven’t really been putting any additional effort into this feature.

Out of curiosity, may I ask why you need a manual import rright now? I don’t miss a Beta 4 of the latest Xcode, did I?

I was running another import to double check that

was still broken. I had said that I ran the import on the Friday but then I wasnt totally sure so I figured I would run another one.

Ah ok. have you tried the Xcode 12.5 Beta 3 SDK from the server?