Incompatible types: TClass and


I’m getting this error on the Structs I have created in my RODL file:

Intf file, declaration:
Spot = class(TROComplexType)

In ReadComplex:
l_Spot: Spot; -> E2007 Constant or type identifier expected

  __Serializer.ReadStruct('Spot', Spot, l_Spot); ->E2010 Incompatible types: 'TClass' and 'Spot'

What am I doing wrong?



Could you please create a simple testcase and send it to support@

Also please specify which exactly SDK version you used there.

Thanks in advance


your RODL contains some errors and it causes such behavior:

Open Service Builder and call Tools->Check Library for problems.
it will show 4 issue:

you can fix them with Tools->Escape Reserved Words in Identifiers or manually
after this, this issue will be fixed.

Thanks that works!