Inserting accented characters in Fire

There seems to be a bug in Fire in that I’m unable to insert an accented character (e.g: é or ö) into the editor. Normally, in any TextArea on macOS, to insert é I’d just press and hold the e key and this popup would appear:

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 23.16.50

However, holding down the e key in Fire does this:

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 23.17.48

Also, if I open up the macOS emoji and symbols panel, I can’t simply find the accented character and double click it to insert it into Fire (as would happen with any other TextArea).

Is this a known issue and if so, how does one input accented characters into their source?

Hmm. I need to look at press-and-hold support (that’s new-is, from iOS). the traditional way f using “option-e, then e”, or similar, should work fine.

That’s related, yeah.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://84557

I didn’t know about the option-e trick. That’s a useful workaround, thanks.

That’s the “proper” traditional Mac way ;). you get get a tom of cool characters with option, sometime direct, sometimes indirect, for example “option-u” gives you many umlauts (üäëöï), option-i the circonflex (êîû), option-c gives you, close to my heart, ç, option+<>= gives you ≤≥≠, etc…