Install Hydra 4 on Visual Studio 2019

Hello, I am installing Hydra 4 on a new computer where Visual studio 2019 is used. We have a Delphi + .NET project that compiles correctly on the computer that will be replaced. On this new computer I manually registered the license with the software “RemObjects.Everwood.LicenseManager.exe” but when I try to compile the assembly that uses the Hydra dll I always get “Error MSB6006” lc.exe "exited with code -1 ". What can I do to register Hydra 4? I am not interested in integration with Visual studio.
Thank you

That does not seem to be an issue with the Hydra license (per se), but with the .NET license compiler. DO you have a .licx file in our project? If so, what’s in it, and does it maybe have concrete version numbers that don’t match the version of Hydra installed on the new machine? (I recommend dropping version numbers from .licx files). If that’s not it, can you post a complete build log, ideally with /verbosity:diagnostic?


Thank you for the information. By activating the detailed build log I discovered that Visual Studio could not find the assembly “RemObjects.Hydra.Designtime”. I had placed the other assemblies in the project repository.
Comparing the installation of Hydra on the old computer (where Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 were present at the beginning) and on the new one (where instead there aren’t), in Program Files the folder “Hydra for .NET” is missing which contains all the assemblies by Hydra. I solved it by adding the missing assembly to the repository


afaik Hydra 4 was released in 2016, i.e. before VS2019 was released so it knows nothing about VS2019.

This assembly is used by .NET license compiler (lc.exe) during the build process to encode your personal license info into a resource that is used later at runtime to check license validity.
I’ll log an issue to double-check that this assembly is deployed even if no supported VS version is found.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83991

bugs://83991 got closed with status nochangereq.