Install 'Water' how to

How do you install Water under Windows 10 ? The docs. mention installing .NET SDK which I’ve done, but I get an error while trying too create new project:

“Value cannot be: null”
“Parameter name: aCommand”

Only way out is to “Dismiss” dialog, which closes the program. RemObjects told me I need to install GIT which did work, but I would think there would be a better way around this…

as this is not part of their support pages. For now, I uninstalled GIT, looking for other solutions. Is there any?

Is this with the latest version? I believe this might be caused by a known bug we fixed a few weeks ago.


The ways to fix this is either

(a) have Git installed


(b) use the latest build, which has this fixed.

Works here on my five PC Windows desktops and laptops :nerd_face:

Updated Water, and all ok now.

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