Installation doesn't want licence

we have an issue with Elements with Water installation. When we install the extension to VS 2019 sometimes it happens that the extension won’t ask us for licence file and the extension works just fine but then (after few days) when we want to open random solution with Oxygene projects inside. The Visual Studio says that the Oxygene project are not supported (even though the extension is installed) and won’t load them.

The problem is that the installation doesn’t have it’s licence file and we don’t know how to give it to it. Sometimes the window for license file insertion just magically appears and we are able to provide the licence and continue with our work.

Is there a way to force the “licence insertion widnow” to show up? Or to find whether the extension has it’s licence?

Thank you,

Hrmm that doesn’t sound right and I’d like to invite my colleague @viktoriad to follow up on that.

However to get you going, you can run:
C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Everwood\Bin\RemObjects.Everwood.LicenseManager.exe

and it will let you download licenses.

Hello David,
When VS doesn’t have a license, what happens when you open a project in Water? Does it asks for the license? Does it load project or refuses? Does it load the license automatically for you?