Installation Issues with Remotink SDK .1549 for .NET and Delphi 11.2

i just installed the Remoting SDK for .NET - and Delphi 11.2.
Both installations completed without error.
In VS2022 and Delphi no Project was available.

I am using Win10



i’m afraid Eugene is off today and will have to get back to you tomorrow to look at this in ore detail. Is any of the other tool integration in the IDEs? (eg menu items in the Tools menu, etc)? Do the icons show in the Delphi splash screen?


Can you specify what exactly Remoting SDK installers you are used, pls?
for example Remoting SDK for .NET - doesn’t contain delphi part at all.

can you set Remoting SDK filter in VS2022, pls?

i was using the language specific installer, so for .NET it was : RemObjects Remoting SDK for .NET -
After successful installation, in “Create a new project” no Remoting SDK is available.
Within the VS2022 Extension Menu, at least a Remobjects Submenu is available.



so you have installed

  • Remoting SDK for .NET -
  • Delphi 11.2

and expect Remoting SDK in Delphi 11.2. is it correct?

also you have Remoting SDK menu in VS2022 Extension Menu but haven’t Remoting SDK items in new project wizard (by other words, Remoting SDK templates are broken). is it correct?

What VS2022 edition you are using?

i am using VS 2022 Community Edition, current release.
I noticed that after installing the lates update, the Remoting SDK Templates were now available.

Inside Delphi 11.2 however, the setup seems not to install any integrations.
No Everwood, nor Project Items

I hope that helps.


as expected. Remoting SDK for .NET - installs only to Visual Studio and knows nothing about Delphi.

If you want to have Remoting SDK in Delphi, pls install

  • RemObjects Remoting SDK - - it contains .NET and Delphi platform
  • RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi -

i tried with * `RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi - but still delphi is not known


When you installed RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi -, was Delphi 11 detected by installer ?

can you share C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Build\dataabstract_log.html , pls?

You can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy