Installation of Hydra for two environments

I have Delphi RIO and Delphi XE2 on my PC. I would like to install Hydra for both environments, but in the installation dialog is only Delphi 10.3 available. What could be the reason for that?
I first installed Delphi RIO with Hydra on my PC.
Later I installed also Delphi XE2. I need it for migrating a project from XE2 to RIO. I deinstalled Hydra and now i want to install it on both IDEs, but only see Delphi RIO.

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That seems like the installer is not finding the proper registry key indicating that XE2 is installed. Have you laughed XE2 after installing it? IIRC, some keys only get written when the IDE launches the first time.

If that does not help, one of m colleagues from there Delphi team will hopefully be able to diagnose tis with you further, tomorrow.

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Hi Marc,
your answer got me the right idea.

On my corporate laptop I have to install the IDE under an administrator account, but then use it under a normal user account. Unlike RIO, Delphi XE2 has not yet been started with administrator rights.

The administrator account is also required when installing Hydra. Only after Delphi XE2 has been started once as administrator does the installation program find the Delphi installation.

However, the Hydra installation does not take into account that Delphi can be installed for all user accounts. The Hydra integration is only available when the IDE is called up as an administrator. I have to set it up manually under the normal user account. In addition, there does not appear to be an automatic update check. This should be improved when installing Hydra.

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try to add this .reg into your registry:


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\9.0\Known IDE Assemblies]

it should add update check and other features like samples

Thanks, logged as bugs://84259