Integration with Visual Studio 2015 and 2019

I previously had a version of Elements installed in Visual Studio 2015 (I believe it was a late 2019 version). I recently added Visual Studio 2019 also, so I just installed the most recent stable version (5/15/20) of Elements and requested integration in both 2015 and 2019. I am able to build a small console application and it works OK in both environments. However, if I look at “Tools | Options | Projects and Solutions | RemObject Elements | Fix-Its” or any other Elements settings page (except for CrossBox) I just get “An error occurred loading this property page”. I get the same in both 2015 and 2019. Any idea what might be wrong? (FYI, this machine is not connected to the internet, and I manually imported the license, but I don’t think that should be an issue).

Just for completeness, I complete uninstalled Elements then, and reinstalled, but the behavior is the same.

Sounds like a bad install. What build of Elements is this with, 2513? Can you try if this persists with 2517?

Indeed, it should not. If you can open any Elements/Oxygene project, your license is good. This is something else. @viktoriad, any ideas what to check?

Yes, 2513. I’ll try 2517.

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Installed 2517, but same issue with the property pages.

That’s been a long time I didn’t look at the settings page for Oxygene, but I just try now and I have the same problem.
Some pages open correctly (General, Scroll Bars and Tabs), but all the other ones shows the error.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84360

bugs://84360 got closed with status fixed.

bugs://84360 got reopened.

bugs://84360 got closed with status fixed.