Interaction between free Silver and expired license

Hello, It seems that when my license (provided by @mh) expired, it locked down the Silver compiler and the related stable channel downloads in addition to everything else.

That seems to be a bug, as the download page says

The Swift Language is free to use without limitations. And you can test the other Elements languages, Oxygene, C#, Java and Go, for 30 days.


Silver is free, but you still need a valid license. You can obtain one by clicking the Get License button in Fire or Water, or by going directly to


Interesting, I don’t think I did that last time, but it was last year, so I might have forgotten?

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It’s fairly new, we switched from “Silver just doesn’t check for a license” to using the same licensing system as everything else (except the license costing $0), a couple months back, because it allows us to better know who the actual users of the product are.