(Internal Error) Code completion

IDE: Visual Studio X/Fire
Version: (develop)
Target (If relevant): Net
Fire emits an internal error (and .bugreport file if enabled) when editing a file that is being compiled.
It should save to a temporary if the open file is edited while compilation is occurring.

See comments below:

I’ll need more than that. I do that all day, every day, without problems. what’s the exact error?

The most recent .bugreport files:
Bug Archive.zip (477.8 KB)

Looking Further:
It is bringing up code completion in the project (independent of compilation status)
The project is ~the same project as for the other internal errors.

I don’t expect this is related to the background compile, but I’ll log an issue for the CC team.

Thanks, logged as bugs://82691

Is this the same project as Internal Error: Modify enumerated Collection? if so, it might be the same compiler bug (because CC is also driven by the compiler)

Yes, so probably.

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fwiw, it doesn’t repro for me, here:

But maybe there callstack is still actionable; this isn’t my area of the code.

I have been reducing these, file by file, and…
I didn’t include the de-gyb-ed files on GitHub, did I?
I removed them because they are reproduced from the gyb files, but…

From my reduction, only Codable.swift.txt (217.6 KB) is necessary for the stack overflow,
and it added to the .bugreport above should repro the Code completion failure.

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bugs://82691 got closed with status fixed.