Internal error compiling project

My last project doesn’t compile anymore after I made a bulk of changes in it.
I retried building it after I installed the last Water and Elements from the firehose.

The error:

Project to reproduce:

How to reproduce: extract the zip, load it in Water and rebuild.

Did it break after you made changes (ie the bug probably always was there) or after updating to the latest (ie it’s probably a regression)?

Logged as bugs://E26022.

it’s something related to this code, if that helps you work around:

    tryStatement: TryStatement = {try
  scope begin
    myReq := (HttpWebRequest.Create(System.String.Format('{0}', Ip)) as HttpWebRequest);
    myReq.get_Headers().Add('Key', self._API_Key);
    myResp := myReq.GetResponse();
    myReader := new System.IO.StreamReader(myResp.GetResponseStream);
    ReturnValue := myReader.ReadToEnd();
    Score := Split(ReturnValue, '"abuseConfidenceScore":', -1, 0)[1];
    Score := Split(Score, ',', -1, 0)[0];
     := (Val(Score) < 100);
    goto [LABEL edae5c47-0a65-4bc6-be22-b1b625e6c383]

  end  end


Looks like it doesn’t like Try/End Trywithout aFinallyor aCatch. TBH I didn't know this was valid. what does this do, imply a catch all`?

The previo

It broke after the changes, tried the newest version to see if it was already solved.

You are right :slight_smile:
That is the bug.

So the problem is that the compiler does not detect this code error and crashes instead.

So I take it this should not be supported, and emit a (clean, ofc) error just like it does in Oxygene?

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Yes, a catch and/or finally is mandatory.

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bugs://E26022 was closed as fixed.