Internal Error (NRE) when trying to compile a simple D11 FMX App

I tried to make a simple Firemonkey Delphi 11 app

UnbenanntDFM 1.bugreport.txt (5.5 KB)
UnbenanntDFM (5.9 KB)

How did these paths come to be? did you edit this project manually?

<Reference Include="C:\Users\Flucke\AppData\Local\RemObjects Software\EBuild\Delphi SDKs\Delphi 11\Windows\i386\Delphi.fmx">
<Reference Include="C:\Users\Flucke\AppData\Local\RemObjects Software\EBuild\Delphi SDKs\Delphi 11\Windows\i386\Delphi.rtl">

Project build clean for me w/o errors, after I dropped the bad paths (whihc shouldn’t be necessary in the project), and also removed these settings:


What could I be missing?

Ok, after adjusting the elements file the NRE persists:

UnbenanntDFM_1.elements (1.5 KB)

UnbenanntDFM_1 1.bugreport.txt (5.9 KB)

Strange; I copied this into the original project folder and it too compiles w/o errors for me.

is your Delphi SDK import up to date?


Yes. I have done this twice…
Maybe i should post the bpl/fx files here ?

if you could, that’d be great, yes. I need only the .fx, and only the ones your project references, not the full set.

marc (6.3 MB)

Curious. with your import I can reproduce the IE, yes. logging.

Logged as bugs://E26985.