Invalid Binary Header on Relativity server

I have just shifted a Relatvity Server and the associated database from the current working environment to a new server. I have attempted to duplicate the setup but am getting “Invalid binary header. Either incompatible or not a binary message”.

The new site does work correctly in my program using port 7099 but I would like to access via port 80 so have set http binding to allow this. My program using the url + port 80 works fine in production but not on the new site.

Using the url with or without port 7099 in a browser does work though, as does the url with the /bin suffix.

Any suggestions where I could look next to solve this?


This error message means that your client app did receive something completely unexpected (as event first bytes of the server response are not correct). Assuming your client app uses IpHttpClientChannel you can add a handler to its AfterReceiveStream event. This event allows to access the data received from the remote server.

Please dump the server response to a file and send this file to support@

You can use the RemObjects.SDK.Helpers.StreamHelpers.StreamToBuffer method to easily convert stream to array of bytes that can be dumped into a file using the System.IO.File. WriteAllBytes method.