Invalid opcode Parameter

I just started experiencing a problem when posting an event to a script. When a socket disconnects, I post an event to the script. It is now taking almost 15 seconds for the script to print that it has received it. Then, when I set the stopscript:boolean flag to stop, it also takes 10 seconds?
But, If I stop the program with a pPs.stop.
I get the error ‘invalid opcode parameter’? I am assuming that the problem is related to the error. How can I tell what the invalid opcode parameter is?

Thanks for such a great product !!!
Ken D

I don’t know where the 10 seconds come from (the debugger can probably tell you); but InvalidOpcode generally means the script got corrupted.

Is there no way to tell what the invalid opcode is?>
It would make it a bit easier to fix, if I could find it!