Invoice Does Not Say Paid

I’ve got a problem w/ my bookkeeping dept as my RemObjects Invoice shows my order but does not say “Paid” on the Invoice. Most Pd Invoices show a Paid Amt & a $0 balance. I can show the charge on my Credit Card Statement, but to do so displays to others my other purchases which they have no business seeing. Can you guys supply an Invoice saying “Paid?”

Our online invoices are generate dry or shop system automatically., but I’ll see what I can do dot have that addressed.

Thanks, Marc, that would be a help. All other vendors from Amazon to BestBuy to Embarcadero to JetBrains, to Walmart show “Paid” invoices. Bookkeeping worries the IRS would not like yours without extra work & hassle. --tex

I understand. in ~18 years, it’s not been a problem, but it can’t hurt to add it…