IOS control - how to import and use in Fire not having .framework

I want to use in Fire Gauge Control

How should i started with it ?
Some times ago i tried with import project but without success.
Can someone help me with this link and show me how to do it ??
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The best option is to set the ImportSearchPaths setting to the folder(s) with your header file(s), and then add the root file as #import “x.h” into the Import.h file provided by the template, just as you would in (Objective-)C.

Also, add any .a, .o or .dylib files that need tone linked to your project, with a build action of ImportLinkLibrary (for .dylib, set Copy Local).


Can you make for me example on this link above… I can’t run it… Maybe I do something wrong can you run it and give me working import. Project with this control … Next time it will be easier for me…
Can you??

See attached: (10.6 KB)

All I did was set the search path to where the headers are You’ll have to adjust it, as its hardcoded to where ei downloaded them to):

added the right import to import.h:

and set the submode to iOS:

whats missing is building the library in Xcode and dragging the .a into the project — I didn’t have the time to create an Xcode library project to build this myself, and the repository doesn’t seem to come with one :(.

Missing element was xcode library… I will try with your directions.
Thank you

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Yeah, I assumed you had that (either a .a or a project to create one), before seeing the actual GitHub repo. N iot having that is a fain, (and silly, by whoever created this) as now you have to deal with creating a static library project in Xcode for the one class, yourself, just to build it…


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Marc one question , I can’t see in my import project settings like :
1.Simulator Architecure
Are they internal settings ??
I did my import project from wizard.


you might need turn on “Show Advanced Settings” (menu, or right-click the Settings Node in the tree)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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