iOS Debugging on device fails

I have a new iOS project created in Fire for Mercury. My iOS device is connected and it is selected. If I build only, the build is successful. However if I try to also deploy to the device, I am unable to successfully debug. Here’s what the log looks like:

Given my complete lack of experience with this, I almost certainly am doing something wrong here, but I’m not sure what. Suggestions welcome.

Also note: it does seem to deploy the app to the device - but it doesn’t start the app or create a debugging ssession.

(And again: no emergency here, just experimenting and trying to learn.)


I’m afraid that one sounds like I have to pass it to the Debugger team (which might mean, not until Tuesday). But I’ll see if I can repro this locally, later tonight or tomorrow.

I see the app deployed correctly, so at least you should see it on your device’s Home Screen and launch it manually — even if you cant debug,

(pro tip, if you wanna keep playing with the project even without being able to debug, Ctrl+Shift+D, or “Project|Deploy w/o Debugging” will build and deploy a new version to your device, same as happened here, but without the failed attempt to run it…

Thanks for the tip! And yes, it seems like it deployed correctly, so certainly it isn’t a show stopper yet. I’m mostly just trying to get things configured and understand the best workflow for my environment. MacOS and iOS development are new to me, I mostly do web development on Windows. So lots of things to learn here!

I’ll be interested to hear what your debugger team thinks once they’ve had a chance to look at it. Thanks!


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